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Tile Maintenance

LITHOFIN – The Professional Solution for Cleaning, Protecting and Maintaining

Ceramic tiles and natural stone are time tested building materials. They are robust and extremely hard wearing. These properties make the choice for either one economically as well as ecologically sensible. Ceramic and porcelain tiles are industrially manufactured a process that guarantees consistent quality. Different additives lead to nearly unlimited design possibilities. Natural stone on the other hand fascinates through its natural beauty and its uniqueness. LITHOFIN offers the solution for cleaning, protecting and maintaining both types of material. Using the correct system makes caring for tiles and stone easy and efficient. The surface will remain beautiful for many years and the value of your investment is protected for many years. 

Breathe new life into your old tiles and grout. Stylish renovation! 

The range of special products for cleaning, protecting and maintaining ceramics, natural and artificial stone is divided into the following product lines.

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